public static void about() {

System.out.println("About the comic!");


Well, hiya! I'm amazed that you were interested enough to check this page. Haha. Anyway, since you're here, I bet you want to get what you wanted and learn about this comic. Heehee.

I started this comic because I like animals, and I sort of like programming, except I'm terrible at it, and I figured that animals and programming at the same time could be twice as fun! ^__~ It kinda started as me drawing the Scheme bunny -- which was just a regular bunny then -- on the board before my computer science lectures to entertain my classmates. One day the professor even wrote over the bunny and he was like, "Aaah, sorry bunny!" Ahahaha, coolest professor ever. So...yeah, I was wandering around SmackJeeves and I figured that I should give the Scheme Bunny a comic...and give it a friend...the Java Lion! ^__^

In case you were curious, I use Macromedia Flash 4 to do the lineart and then Photoshop 6 to do the coloring. Flash does this nifty thing where it exports the images with everything but the lines transparent, so it makes coloring really easy. ^_~